Our vision

...is to create a culture and family environment that is conducive to success on the field, in the classroom, and in the community. Team Makasi is committed to identifying and developing student-athletes with the ultimate goal of preparing them for college and beyond. We provide unique training, skill development, nutritional awareness, and academic guidance that prepares our athletes to maximize their full potential. Through our established relationships and resources, Team Makasi athletes will be ensured maximum exposure to collegiate opportunities and will be embedded with the skill set and work ethic to best capitalize on those opportunities. We aim to create a unique culture where our athletes, coaches, and mentors share in the process of fulfillment and improvement. By building trust and a connection with our athletes, we will work to influence the lives of thousands of young people by helping them to realize and prepare for opportunities they may not otherwise have access to. A Strong Youth is a Strong Future…

Our mission

...is to provide mentorship for the empowerment of youth through inspiration, guidance, and resources to maximize academic and athletic achievement. We develop future community leaders by instilling foundations for excellence. A Strong Youth is a Strong Future…

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