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Inspiration means “a divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul.” There are many different things in life that can inspire you to create change. Team Makasi was inspired to create change within the lives of youths who may lack guidance, a sense of direction, or just need another positive support system. We understand the importance of having positive role models in life, especially at a young age. We recognize that going above and beyond to mentor student athletes may be all that it takes for them to follow the right path, fulfill their potential, and achieve their dreams. With our experience as former Division 1 student athletes, we understand that we have an obligation to society to help guide, mentor, and catalyze the same change that we, too, wished for growing up. With all of our mentors having played college football and graduating from universities, we have first-hand experience and perspective on how being prepared for high school, college, and life beyond puts you at a favorable advantage to maximize potential.

Inspiration can be a person, place, experience, or anything that makes someone want to do or create something. The change that we envision stemmed from witnessing far too many friends, teammates, and classmates fail to realize their potential because of a simple lack of guidance and resources. Guidance and knowledge is essential to success for young people because many of them aren’t yet equipped and experienced enough to properly formulate a plan for success. As mentors and pillars in the community, we aspire to inspire. We are inspired to create a culture of success earlier rather than later. The window for opportunity and development as a student athlete is as brief as it is important. Team Makasi is an organization that provides the necessary tools for kids to reach their potential and achieve their dreams alongside one another.

A Strong Youth Is A Strong Future…


Verlain Betofe

Verlain Betofe, 31, also known as Coach V is the founder and CEO of Team Makasi. Coach V graduated from Indiana State University with dual degrees in History and African American Studies. He went on to earn a Masters degree in Education from Ashford University in 2013. He is the current offensive coordinator and receivers coach at Madison high school, a top five football program in San Diego County. This will be his fifth year as an assistant coach for the Madison Warhawks. Coach V is also entering his first year at Mesa College where he will be the wide receiver coach and recruiting coordinator, a job he accepted this past June. As a coach, Coach V is best known for his offensive creativity, ability to build relationships with players, influence as a teacher/mentor, and for the passion he exhibits with his student-athletes.

Verlain was a wide receiver for Madison high school and went on to earn all league honors his senior year. He then went on to play wide receiver at Mesa College where he earned all league honors as a sophomore. Verlain signed a Division 1 scholarship with Indiana State University where he played out his college career. He was also a two-time all league basketball player for the Warhawks. Coach V has an integral part in recruiting not only in the San Diego area but also in several other states. He has helped over 20 kids the past four years garner college football offers from several different universities such as USC, Louisville, Colorado, Central Florida, New Hampshire, and many more. Coach V is well connected with several college football programs and is determined on helping student-athletes have a chance at receiving a free college education along with playing the sport they love.

Coach V has a genuine passion for the youth and is determined on being part of the solution that helps the youth succeed. He believes with the right knowledge, work ethic, and support system, sky’s the limit for the youth. Coach V serves as a mentor for several athletes at Universities, junior college, as well as high school athletes throughout the San Diego region and beyond. Coach V started Team Makasi as a way to give back to the community after becoming fed up with witnessing many kids waste their athletic and educational potential due to lack of opportunity. He strongly believes in the Team Makasi mission, “A Strong Youth Is a Strong Future.” Coach has been inspired by a lot of people in his life and now wants to be an inspiration to others. By doing his part to help create a cycle of intelligent and successful student-athletes, among our youth, Coach V has hopes of ultimately bettering society.

“Growing up in Southeast San Diego, there wasn’t too many good role models around, I always dreamed of being someone people looked up to for the right reasons and someone who could make an impact in people lives.”

Twitter: @CoachVMakasi

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Terrence Long

Terrence Long, 29, known as Coach Long, is a mentor/trainer/coach for Team Makasi. He graduated with a double bachelor degree in Criminal Justice and Sociology from St. Francis University in Pennsylvania. Coach Long made the Dean’s list (3.5 GPA or over) in 2008 at SFU, he was also a member of the SFU Athletic Honor roll in 2008 and 2009 (3.0 GPA). Terrence Long is in his fourth year coaching the freshmen defensive of backs for Madison High School. In three years coaching Coach Long’s freshmen teams have a combined record of 28 wins and 2 losses. Coaching wise Coach Long is best known for his fiery personality, technique oriented, and his personable personality.

Terrence Long played football at Madison high school where he was a two-time all league defensive teamer. He played numerous skilled positions for Madison high school. He was a 4-year varsity track and field athlete and ran the 4 by 1,100 meter dash, triple jump, long and high jumps. He also lettered 2 years on the basketball team. Terrence continued his athletic career at Saint Francis University and went on to be a 3-year starter at defensive of back, leading the Northeastern Conference (NEC) in interception (5) his senior year.

Coach Long has a genuine passion to help the youth and has worked actively with juveniles as a counselor for kids in group homes since graduating college. The work he does with juveniles is part of his motivation to help the youth become better individuals and steer them toward the positive aspects of life. “Growing up in Southeast San Diego, I’ve witnessed a lot of people end up in gangs, jail, on drugs and/or dead in the streets. The main reason I became a counselor was to help those who are less fortunate (as I was) and find a way toward a better life. Giving back to the community will always be something I put full effort in until I start to see major changes,” Explains Coach Long. His involvement in Team Makasi helps serves his purpose. Coach Long does a lot of work training the Team Makasi athletes and has placed value on the importance of good coaches. “I wish I had coaches growing up who took me under their wing and pushed me to the limit. I didn’t have that so I knew with Team Makasi it would be a chance for me to give kids what I always wished I had.”

Twitter: @CoachLongMakasi

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