Kareem Coles, Sr.

"Coach Verlain has played a very important role in the development of my son, Kareem Coles, Jr.  Not just as a coach but also as a mentor and confidant.  I encourage all young men who have the opportunity to interact with Coach Verlain to soak up his knowledge like a sponge because he has been where many young men and athletes are trying to get to.
Coach Verlain exhibits a great work ethic that my son gravitated to, both on the field and in the classroom.  He exemplifies what a real coach should be, which is a patient teacher and excellent role model.  My family and I are eternally grateful to have had Coach Verlain come into our son’s life."

Nikki Wesley

Lee Walker's Mother

"A Mentor is defined as an experienced and trusted adviser that advises or trains (someone, especially a younger colleague). I will say that Verlain Betofe you been just that to my son and a lot of other youth since arriving to Madison. The fact that you would take time out of your schedule to do extra work outs with my son during and off season; lifting weights, running routes, helping him progress in school and just overall pushing him to his full potential. After his scholarship was voided due to ineligibility. You stepped in and was able to get my son a full ride to one of the best D1college, University of Colorado. During the waiting period you continued to assist Lawrence with studying for his ACT’s, running routes to keep him in physical shape, weight lifting, and most importantly being a father figure for him. My family and I are very grateful for everything that you have done for us. We need more people like you to help our inner city youth to progress and reach their full potential. I follow you on social media and glad to have meet you and hope that you continue to be a positive role model and help other at risk youth who struggle to reach their full potential."

Sai Niu

"In 2012 I started my coaching Career with coach Verlain... We won our first State championship that year.. I saw how extremely dedicated and hardworking he was as our wide receiver coach on a field as well as off the field as a mentor for these kids.. I saw first hand how he would set up academic goal and strategies to help many of our kids get to the next level (college).. One of his greatest attributes that I always appreciated was that he was always straight forward and honest with each one of them.. His network base extends as far East to schools like Florida State, Louisville, Auburn, Colorado, CFU (just to name a few)... Coach V is one of the reason my son Sampson Niu has as many as 30 offers from D1 colleges... Appreciate your efforts and countless hours you dedicate to our kids... Especially my Son... Proud to be part of Team Makasi."

Lewis Family

"Coach Verlain's passion for the youth of America, his motivation, football knowledge and dedication on the football field have been instrumental in the development of our son Brandon Lewis. Coach Verlain over the past 4 years has poured endless amount of hours on and off the field into developing him into a star athlete on the football field and 3.70 student in the classroom. His time and effort has resulted in Brandon Lewis receiving a full ride football scholarship offer to the Air Force Academy. Additionally, he has spent endless off duty hours training him and developing him to be one of the best receivers in San Diego county, he took Brandon on multiple visits to top colleges around the nation and he was able to get professional modeling pictures conducted with a major clothing line Makasi. Coach Verlain's offensive mind, passion, drive and motivational techniques make him the best Receivers coach in the state of California. He has the ability to instill confidence and the ability to help prepare young athletes to reach the next level. He is truly a great person and an outstanding mentor for my Son, Brandon Lewis, he has increased his confidence, speed, strength, hand eye coordination, footwork, route running, and helped lift his GPA. The relationship that Coach Verlain and the Makasi family have built with Brandon goes much deeper than a football field, it is everlasting friendship and a resource in times of need. He has help develop a lifestyle of true character, courage, hard work and commitment. He has truly been a gift from God!"

Pierre Cormier

University of Arizona

"Being young and having someone to learn from, and who has your back is something that can go a long way in anyone’s life. Verlain, former student athlete, having 2 degrees (one being a masters) now a coach, took me under his wing when I was at my lowest point, a kid who just turned 19 years old who was facing the biggest challenge that can come in life, adversity. He was the only person outside my family that took the time to do what he did and I am still appreciative for that. I was a 4 star recruited running back in high school who was put on medical leave after my freshman year of college, at the University of Arizona which put my career to an end. After that incident, my bond with Verlain got even stronger then it was while I played and in my eyes that spoke high volume to the type of person he is. He gave me a basic plan that allowed me to get into the best shape of my life, but most importantly the continuous talks we had made me stronger mentally, and changed my views on life completely. This allowed my passion for football to increase more than it has ever been, and I now want to pursue a career in coaching at the collegiate level. Today I am thankful enough to still have my education paid for, and I’m in the process of graduating.   The relationship we built still remains the same. We talk football, life, joke around, and if I am in town we still get a workout in. He did not receive a dime from me for everything he did, which shows how genuine of a person he is, I’m just the one of many he has mentored, and that he will mentor somewhere in the near future. I would not be where I am mentally without this man and for that I’m very thankful."

Clayton Jimmerson

University of New Hampshire

"I first met Coach V my sophomore year of high school when he was brought on the coaching staff. He preached the importance of getting your degree and bettering yourself. As a coach he demanded the best out of us and we grew as a team because of that. My senior year he would send out my highlight tapes to teams all over. I received a full ride scholarship to the University of New Hampshire, something I never thought I could achieve. Where he has helped me the most is growing up and making real life decisions. I left UNH my second semester to deal with family issues. When I came home he was there for me not only for support in tough times but with helping me make choices to better myself, getting my degree and make something of myself. I had settled for making $12 an hour and working 40 hours a week. He helped me realize that I was better then that and how important it is to go to school and get your degree. I am forever grateful for that and I know that I can always count on Coach V to have my back and best interest in hand."

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